Saturday, February 28, 2009

play day

On Fridays Campbell and I usually lay low and wrap up the things I didn't manage to get done during the week. It is the only day that we don't have a "plan" and so sometimes we are lucky enough to happen upon a play date. Yesterday morning we had Eli over to play while Amy took the girls to the doctor.

The boys had such a good time. The played like crazy and at one point they were on a hunt for wild animals.

Then we all got an invite to head over to Vivian and Bauer's house for some play time and lunch... Even a little popsicle treat (hard to imagine that they were eating popsicles barefoot outside yesterday and now I am cuddling with my heating pad, but it's true.)Thanks everybody for a super fun day!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

snap, crackle, pop

As a special after school snack today we made rice crispy treats.

Sometimes i let my fear of a mess get in the way of a fun project, but today we pulled out all the stops. i even let the boys dig through our bucket of 5o animal cookie cutters.

Then we decorated our treats with m&m's and marshmallows.

We ended up with some beautiful creations. a dolphin, a penguin, a dinosaur, a chick, a lizard, a frog and my favorite a parrot.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

house for sale

For the past few weeks we have been trying to make a decision about selling our house.
Today we took the big step of putting up a sign, so our house is officially on the market.

The House
1780 sq feet
3 bedrooms
2 baths
bonus room
refinished hardwoods in living and bedrooms
ceramic tile in kitchen
kitchen completely updated with stainless steel appliances
all new windows and doors
new siding and gutters

If you know anyone who would like more info they can e-mail us at

Monday, February 2, 2009

we finally gave in and got 2 dogs....

.....or at least two little boys have just decided to be the dogs.