Monday, March 22, 2010


Today is Campbell's 5th Birthday. I cannot believe that he is 5, I remember the day he was born so well. 

We are in Branson for the week enjoying Spring Break with Mimi and Papaw. We went to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack to celebrate the big 5.

It's funny how when I was pregnant with Campbell I really envisioned a Wilson#2. It was hard to imagine someone different. Everyday Campbell reminds me of how funny it is that I thought that. He is 100% his own person. He can always make me laugh (even when i don't want to), he loves to cuddle, he is crazy good at puzzles (word search, puzzles, mazes), and his favorite animal is still the doggie that Wilson gave him the day he was born (pictured above). He is wonderful and we are all wild about him.
Happy Birthday Campbell!
We love you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lego Party

About a week and a half ago I realized that we were quickly approaching C's birthday and had made no plans. He had been asking for several months to have a party with his friends, we usually do mostly family, but his b-day is over spring break and that was not going to work for a party. When I looked at the calendar I decided on this past Sunday as our only option for a party before Spring Break. It was short notice, less than a week, but it was a good deadline for Pete and I on some projects around the house and we wanted to do it.
Fast forward to 6:30 Sunday morning when Campbell walked into our room, not uncommon for the little guy to come in for an early morning cuddle. He rolled around on top of me for a second and then looked at me and said "I'm going to throw up". Two thoughts ran through my mind: #1 We are having a birthday party in 8 hours & #2 Thank the Lord that my kiddos are both big enough to warn me when vomit is coming. He threw up, looked at me and said "i can't be sick for my party". Poor little guy. He had apparently picked up a bug that is going around and was sick all morning. We canceled the party, froze the uniced cake and, after realizing that it was only a 12 hour bug, rescheduled for after school on Tuesday.
We had a Lego party, dream come true for all 3 of my boys, and it was super fun. Complete with Lego candy, Lego cake, Lego car races and more.
I cannot believe that my baby is about to turn 5. Time truly flies.

6 of 100

I was trying to take the above(focus on clover) picture, but in the process got this picture below (focus on hand).
I want to remember these things about my boys....the lines of their hands and how they always have dirt under their nails. They are growing up way to fast.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

before & after {part 2}


This is the dining room. Other than the things I find very obvious in the photos (lighting, floor, walls) we also had a built in made that resembles a dining room hutch, replaced the sliding doors with french doors, moldings added and ceiling scrapped. Major changes in the walls and layout of this space and the kitchen. We moved the door going into the laundry room into this room, it was in the kitchen and removed the entire wall that separated the dining and kitchen, replacing it with an island.



(campbell's lego cake)

Just noticed, as I was about to post a preview to Campbell's B-day party, that this is the 300 post on this blog. A few weeks ago I realized that it was our 3 year blogging anniversary(averaging 100 per year is pretty good) and I thought about mentioning it, but wasn't sure what to say. WOW! Can't believe we have done this for 3 years and can't image not doing it because even though I rarely put anything out here that is very deep I really do love this record of what we are doing, where we have been, and where we are going. Pete actually set this blog up and I think gave it up pretty early. I took over. He now blogs here sometimes, but this is where it started.

(now almost 5)

Monday, March 15, 2010

4 & 5 of 100

I took these in my front yard this afternoon.
Love to watch as the plants wake up from winter.

kick'n it

We are in the full swing of soccer season. We have soccer about 5 times a week, and as long as the weather stays nice, we are loving it.

Wilson and Dylan are on the same team for the 6th season in a row. It is so fun for them to get to play together.

And Campbell gets to be on a team with his good friends Vivian and Devin. And Vivian's dad is our coach. Let me say how lucky we are that both the boys have AMAZING coaches. I cannot imagine having this have to be unbelievable patient.

Snacks and the tunnel are Campbell's favorite parts of the game.

He did score 1 1/2 goals at his last game and he is so proud!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

before & after {part 1}

I tried pretty hard to take plenty of before shots of the house and somehow this first one I had to share of the after is one I really don't have a before of. I think from the picture I do have you can at least get an idea, it is the same room and you can even see the fireplace on the far right of the after pics. This is our living room. It was white carpet and paneling painted white. We replaced all the downstairs flooring with hardwood and had this room sheet rocked.

Also wanted to show what a difference art can make. This wall is bigger than any wall we have ever had so we had to figure something out that would work and be in scale. Pete did these paintings and I think they are amazing!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

coming soon: new house

I am really the worst about not sharing what I intend to share a lot about. I know that makes no sense, but it is pretty easy for me to sit down and blog a few pics from a soccer game, cupcake sale, school party.....but the big things take way more time and I really want to put some energy into them. And friends energy is not something I have spare amounts of these days. Between finishing our house (that we are now living in), keeping up with work, soccer schedule, dishes, laundry (if you saw it you would question if i am in fact "keeping up" with this), 2 kiddos....I am having BIG trouble with time management.
So this is really a post to remind myself that, among other things, I want to blog about our house. We have spent the past 4 months remodeling and I would love to have a scrapbook of sorts here so I can remember the highs and lows of this experience.
HOUSE before/after post is COMING SOON.
Then i might blog about the trip we took to New York last fall because it is on the list too.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

excuses and soccer

So things in life, including blog, work, email & really all non-house things, have really taken a back seat for the last 2 weeks (or 4 months). But we are officially living in our house and maybe I can put the boxes aside and come back to reality.

Somewhere in this time I have really noticed how quickly the boys are growing and it hurts my heart. So I am going to try to at least get some pics on here so I can remember this time in our lives that I am pretty sure will just be a blur in my memory.

Align Center
Both the boys started back to soccer last week, I have not gotten pictures of Wilson yet (slacker), but here are a few from Campbell's practice. These kids crack me up. Their games are a skit! the kids have NO clue where to run or how to control the ball and I spend the hole time laughing or yelling- so great.

It was CRAZY cold last week. I took Simon with me to this practice and he had so many clothes on that he could barely move and he was still cold.

I do love spring soccer, but I wouldn't mind if it would warm up a bit.