Saturday, March 13, 2010

before & after {part 1}

I tried pretty hard to take plenty of before shots of the house and somehow this first one I had to share of the after is one I really don't have a before of. I think from the picture I do have you can at least get an idea, it is the same room and you can even see the fireplace on the far right of the after pics. This is our living room. It was white carpet and paneling painted white. We replaced all the downstairs flooring with hardwood and had this room sheet rocked.

Also wanted to show what a difference art can make. This wall is bigger than any wall we have ever had so we had to figure something out that would work and be in scale. Pete did these paintings and I think they are amazing!


Jerusalem said...

i am loving all of your changes - cannot wait to see it in person! you are amazing - this actually makes me want to move and re-do another house. not that I will! ha!

NMelius said...

I love this color! What is it? You all did an amazing job!