Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lego Party

About a week and a half ago I realized that we were quickly approaching C's birthday and had made no plans. He had been asking for several months to have a party with his friends, we usually do mostly family, but his b-day is over spring break and that was not going to work for a party. When I looked at the calendar I decided on this past Sunday as our only option for a party before Spring Break. It was short notice, less than a week, but it was a good deadline for Pete and I on some projects around the house and we wanted to do it.
Fast forward to 6:30 Sunday morning when Campbell walked into our room, not uncommon for the little guy to come in for an early morning cuddle. He rolled around on top of me for a second and then looked at me and said "I'm going to throw up". Two thoughts ran through my mind: #1 We are having a birthday party in 8 hours & #2 Thank the Lord that my kiddos are both big enough to warn me when vomit is coming. He threw up, looked at me and said "i can't be sick for my party". Poor little guy. He had apparently picked up a bug that is going around and was sick all morning. We canceled the party, froze the uniced cake and, after realizing that it was only a 12 hour bug, rescheduled for after school on Tuesday.
We had a Lego party, dream come true for all 3 of my boys, and it was super fun. Complete with Lego candy, Lego cake, Lego car races and more.
I cannot believe that my baby is about to turn 5. Time truly flies.

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