Monday, June 29, 2009

..more memphis


A few months ago I got an e-mail from a friend inviting a group of people to drive to Memphis in June to see Wicked. I have been very unsure of our plans for the summer so I decided it was not a good idea to buy a ticket to something that I may or may not be able to make it to.

As it turned out we have had very few plans and this was a great time, but I had no ticket. That is until someone else had to back out and their loss was my gain!

We left LR yesterday afternoon around 3 and were in Memphis in time for dinner on Beale Street before the 7 o'clock show.
I knew nothing about the show and it didn't matter.
It was GREAT!
I am already trying to figure out how/when I can see it again. If it is coming near you please go. I know it is coming to Tulsa, Kansas City and Nashville- those are the places that caught my eye because we have friends/family there.

Don't know how I made that picture so little, but it made me laugh so I am leaving it. These are pictures I stole from Jerusalem- my camera (actually Wilson's point and click) died after about 5 pictures, you would think I wouldn't let that happen. Will share those 5 when I get the battery charged.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

market day

it is saturday and prime market season. pete was working this morning and so i laid out the boys clothes last night in order to get out of the house as quick as possible this morning. we made it to the argenta market by 8 o'clock.
we missed the cantaloupe (sold out by 7:30), but we got corn, muffins, strawberry juice, yellow cherry tomatoes, a sunflower, onions and blackberries.

my "helpers" were anxious to get home to eat some goodies and play with face paint. at some point, a few days ago, wilson decided that he needed to play with face paint today. so i shucked corn and the boys painted all over themselves.

sorry that i don't have a picture of the final project...they have both painted watches on their arms, dots and x's on their legs, and glasses and lines on their face.
we are look'n good!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I was just going to do a little post about the daddy in our house (who loves being in front of the camera), but the more I thought about it I wanted to send out much love to all the papa bears in our lives.
To my dad...thank you for making me always feel loved, no matter what. You have no idea how much easier that makes everything about life.

To my boys daddy...thank you for making us all laugh. You are so amazing with our boys and they adore you, we all do.

To my have challenged me on mountains and continue to challenge me in life. Thank you for loving me like your own.

Without these men I can not imagine who I would be.
Thank you for loving your wives and your children and for being people I am happy to set before my sons as examples.
I love you all!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Simon!

Today we had the privilege of helping celebrate Simon's 3rd birthday.
Man, we love this little guy!!!

Something about the singing or fire (candles) he was not crazy about, but it was uphill from there- present time.

This is a picture of the day the Chinos went from a family of 5 to a family of 6, what a precious addition he has been.

Happy Birthday Simon!

June BAM (basket of the month)

Today was a GREAT market day! And in addition it was also a BAM pick up day. I headed over to the LR market with some sweet friends for some coffee, treats, and pre-basket shopping. We never know what exactly will be in the basket so we made a guess and I tried to control myself. This first group of pictures are things I wanted to buy, but since Wilson was not with me I had the will power to say no.

I did not say no to the AR tomatoes. If fact there appearance at the market is one I wait for and causes a happy little flutter inside me. There is nothing like a warm Arkansas tomato.

The next group of pictures is things I am so excited to have in my refrigerator and can't wait to eat....except those Pinto beans, they have my parents name all over them.

And last, but certainly not least, the basket goodies.

June BAM:
yellow and zucchini squash
pickling cucumbers
turnips and beets
green bean
new potatoes
shitake mushrooms
chipolte fettuccine
2 bell peppers
pinto beans
spring mix
dozen eggs
butter (not pictured)
gallon milk (not pictured)
1 lb. cheese (not pictured)

Friday, June 19, 2009

where did the crust go?

I could post pretty frequently on the strange eating habits of our youngest child, not that you would be interested, but I could. About how I have eaten my words about kids eating whatever you give them as long as you don't give other choices (he would/does eat nothing) or how I'm pretty sure he tries to eat enough at breakfast to last the whole day....the latest is that he BEGS for a snack in the morning-I don't do a morning snack, but I guess he is missing the snack he got at MDO and BSF.????
For the last two days, after begging for this morning snack and not getting it, he has eaten his lunch like this. He is taking tiny bites of his crust until it is all gone and leaving a lot of his food behind (pretty standard). The pictures do not do justice...the bread looks crust-less when he is done with it.

Not to worry....we are doing VBS at night this week and Campbell is all about some VBS dinner. He will take a chicken nugget, fish stick or hot dog any day of the week.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

morning at the market

Saturday mornings at the market are something I think about all week. I know this sounds a little crazy, but I love this time. I go early-ish before it's too hot and I slowly check out each both. I say hello to my little farmers and market friends and breathe in the wonderful market smells, it's dreamy.

And not that my kids aren't dreamy, but they definitely change my market mood. It's more like pet this dog, grab that food, "hands off that food", pet that dog, "can we buy that food?", "look a dog", "what's that food?" get the point. Campbell is convinced that the whole reason they have the market is so people with dogs have a place to go and he would like to put his hands on every on. And Wilson does not help me with moderation, which was already a problem for me.

My love of all things market and his love of all things fruit helped us end up with 3 different kinds of berries.

That is a beautiful market basket! There is only a short window when you can purchase 3 different berries, all AR grown, in the same day. I'm glad Wilson was there to help me feel ok about that.

And to pick out this beautiful sunflower.
happy saturday!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Rae Gun: Giveaway: Citrus Summer Ruffle Diaper

More giveaways, I just can't stop myself.
I don't have a baby or a girl, but I will be photographing this diaper cover if I win it.

Rae Gun: Giveaway: Citrus Summer Ruffle Diaper


LOVE!!!! So check it.


Grosgrain: Vintage Earrings Tutorial and GIVEAWAY!!!!

All so cute, so I am going to share a few. Sorry that i don't know how to put it all in one post. I will be trying this on a day I am feeling super crafty. Or maybe I can get one of my super crafty friends to give it a try?

Grosgrain: Vintage Earrings Tutorial and GIVEAWAY!!!!

Grosgrain: Blueberry Pie Refashion Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

I just found this site and they have adorable giveaways. Always happy to find a new blog to add to my reader!

Grosgrain: Blueberry Pie Refashion Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

25th Anniversary

On Sunday our church celebrated 25 years. It was a great day! On Sunday morning there were stories and pictures shared from throughout the years. The student choir (Cole) sang and there was a beautiful display of the way God is moving in His people.

Then in the afternoon we headed to the YMCA, where it all started, for a picnic, baptism (that's Ben) and swimming.

Campbell, Eli and Lucy were very entertained by the old Fellowship sign. Eli and Campbell used their hands and a cup of lemonade to "clean" it.

Pete and I are not usually included in pictures, so we snapped this one. It makes me laugh.

I do love loot and this frisbee was no exception, I love it!!! There were also cute t-shirts and cups with our new logo.

Fellowship has been a place that has had and continues to have such an impact on my life and our family. I met Jesus there, i met Peter there, and there I am continually challenged to examine the way that I live the life I have been given.

What a great celebration.
Happy 25th Fellowship!

Friday, June 5, 2009

car washing

This morning the Loibner men headed outdoors to take on our dirty cars. I can't speak for the Civic, but Hilda II(my car) has not been washed in a very, very long time.

I believe it was Wilson and Campbell's introduction to car washing and they were thrilled.

It is going to be a while before they are ready to take the task over completely, but they are good helpers and love an excuse to play in the water.

I was only out there for a few minutes, a perk of being the only girl in my house, but our cars are looking good!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

memorial day

The last few weeks have been a blur. Pete and I have both been busy working and finishing up the school year with the boys. The result has been neglect of the blog. The neglect could also be due to our internet being down all week, take your pick. So that is why I am just writing about our Memorial Day. We spent two days in Hot Springs at my parent's house. We made ice cream, grilled out, played games, swam in the rain,hung with friends, sidewalk chalked, and spent too much time in our pjs.
more updating soon.
lots of thanks to the Comcast man!