Saturday, June 27, 2009

market day

it is saturday and prime market season. pete was working this morning and so i laid out the boys clothes last night in order to get out of the house as quick as possible this morning. we made it to the argenta market by 8 o'clock.
we missed the cantaloupe (sold out by 7:30), but we got corn, muffins, strawberry juice, yellow cherry tomatoes, a sunflower, onions and blackberries.

my "helpers" were anxious to get home to eat some goodies and play with face paint. at some point, a few days ago, wilson decided that he needed to play with face paint today. so i shucked corn and the boys painted all over themselves.

sorry that i don't have a picture of the final project...they have both painted watches on their arms, dots and x's on their legs, and glasses and lines on their face.
we are look'n good!

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