Tuesday, March 31, 2009

kids market

Today I set up a booth to advertise my photography at a local consignment sale. The sale is called Kids Market and it starts tomorrow and runs through Saturday. I am so excited about my little space and very thankful to those of you who loaned me your prints to display- they look gorgeous! Also for the booth I created a new hand out/business postcard (pictured above) and I love it.

Here is a peek at my little spot.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

how is it over?

The older I get the more I find myself feeling that while each day seems long, the time as a whole is flying by. That is the way I feel today as I think back on our Spring Break. We have done a lot: an overnight visit from dear friends, a pirate perfect birthday party, a trip to the tube room, special time with the littlest Chino , a stomach bug for two of my guys, a quick trip to the BIG D, lots of popsicles, photo sessions for me, and plenty of tag and tickle monster. Still it seems like the time has slipped by and as my big Kindergarten guy is sleeping away it is hard for me to believe that his first "real" spring break has already come and gone. Tomorrow we are back to early mornings and uniforms, but as I reminisce I thought I would share some of our highlights.

The McGooden and Loibner Boys (when photographed..2,3,5,5,7. The smallest 2 have both had birthdays this week making them 3,4,5,5,7-WOW)

Simon and Campbell scoping out some birthday loot.
PopsiclesThese guys are enjoying a you tube video starring Simon.
Check it out.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

March BAM (basket of the month)

I'm not sure why I skip out on blogging about one of my favorite things, but as spring is here I thought I should return to my posts about BAM (basket of the month.)
in the basket:
1 gallon of yummy milk
pint of chocolate milk
bread (round) the baguette was purchased separately
1 lb. fresh pasta
pepper jack cheese
white cheddar
dozen eggs
3 kinds of lettuce/greens ( i always have to ask alison what is what)
shitake mushrooms
grape or apple jelly
sweet potatoes
homemade ricotta cheese

oh...and also available was this bread pudding...yum-O!

I always like to put in a little plug for my BAM friends, but seriously this is the time for signing up. You pay for 3 or 6 baskets at a time and this is prime time! The April, May, June and July baskets are my favs! We are talking seriously yummy fruit and veggies. And more exciting news is the upcoming opening of the Argenta Market. I think it is set to open on April 18th. It is on Main Street in NLR.
You can go to www.arkansasfood.net to sign up for the baskets and you can check out some of the pictures I have taken for the folks at BAM at http://www.whitneyloibner.com/Food.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Campbell is 4!?....

i have spent the better part of the day lost between excitement of another year passing and disbelief that my baby is 4!

it honestly feels like a blink of the eye. i remember the day he was born so clearly. and though i'm sure my children will tire of the stories of the days they were born i will carry on a tradition my parents started long ago of always sharing this story on their birthdays.

this picture is of the first time wilson met and held his baby brother. i love each time the boys hold each other and that there is no memory of life without the other. they are best buddies and that started this day 4 years ago.

Happy Birthday Campbell!

Friday, March 20, 2009

guilt trip

I have mentioned in the past that often times on Fridays Campbell and I plan a special outing or a play date. Every time that we do this I have a moment of guilt. It is usually just for a second as I think about how much Wilson would enjoy what we are doing. The moment passes and I don't really give it any more thought. This was the case last Friday when Pete and I took Campbell and Vivian to the tube room and lunch at Chick-Fil-A.
They had a great time playing and while I thought of Wilson it was a passing thought. That is until that night when Campbell decided to share with his big brother what he had spent the day doing. To say Wilson was sad would be an understatement. He was devastated...brought to tears.
We discovered the tube room last summer and it was something that the 3 of us did together. Campbell and I have gone a few times since Wilson has been in school, but this was the last straw.
I try to not make many promises to my kids for fear I will break them, but I promised Wilson the next time we went to the tube room he would be with us....and so Tuesday we went straight from school to the tube room. The story of Wilson's "interesting" outfit will have to wait for another day.

Monday, March 9, 2009

to the zoo

On Friday Campbell and I headed to the zoo with some friends to enjoy the beautiful weather. It had been a while and I have to say the LR zoo is looking much better. The last time we were there they had 4 animals (slight exaggeration) and you had to take your stroller off road to see them. This time we got to see lots of animals and Campbell was thrilled.
Campbell refused to pose with anyone other than the animals so I got this very cute picture of the girls and this sad face of him.

We ended the day with a race, tiger vs. elephant, and a quick look at a VERY big snake.

Thanks Day family for the invite and free passes.

Friday, March 6, 2009

big boy trip

Two weeks ago NLR had a 4 day weekend and we jumped on it with a quick trip to Disney World. Even as I write that it sounds crazy, but it did kind of happen like that.

My mom had a season pass and had told my nephew she would take him before it expired. When we sat down and tried to figure it out about a month ago we realized this would be the best time. It was a trip just for the BIG boys(5 year olds) and my mom, Amanda and I got to tag along (I'm pretty sure Amanda and I love it as much as they do. We have collectively been close to 20 times-CRAZY!!!)
After almost 24 hours of traveling and an unexpected overnight stay in Atlanta we made it.

And though our short trip was cut even shorter, we managed to maximize the fun. We even hit all 4 major parks in the 2 1/2 days we were there.

I don't suggest this, but we did it with minimal meltdowns
and lots of laughs.The best part for me was the very special time I got with Wilson. Once I got over the guilt of leaving Campbell at home (with plenty to keep him busy and happy,) I realized what a treat it was to have these memories with just Wilson.

And on the last day we weren't just mom and Wilson we were mommy and baby tiger, with the help of some very impressive face paint.
And Dylan and Amanda were a dinosaur and a leafy/flowery forest for the dinosaur to hide in.

We even got to show off our fabulous faces to Mickey.