Sunday, March 29, 2009

how is it over?

The older I get the more I find myself feeling that while each day seems long, the time as a whole is flying by. That is the way I feel today as I think back on our Spring Break. We have done a lot: an overnight visit from dear friends, a pirate perfect birthday party, a trip to the tube room, special time with the littlest Chino , a stomach bug for two of my guys, a quick trip to the BIG D, lots of popsicles, photo sessions for me, and plenty of tag and tickle monster. Still it seems like the time has slipped by and as my big Kindergarten guy is sleeping away it is hard for me to believe that his first "real" spring break has already come and gone. Tomorrow we are back to early mornings and uniforms, but as I reminisce I thought I would share some of our highlights.

The McGooden and Loibner Boys (when photographed..2,3,5,5,7. The smallest 2 have both had birthdays this week making them 3,4,5,5,7-WOW)

Simon and Campbell scoping out some birthday loot.
PopsiclesThese guys are enjoying a you tube video starring Simon.
Check it out.


Sarah said...

The individual pic of G is priceless. You have such a gift for capturing his TRUE personality.

Peter & Whitney said...

i love that guy!