Saturday, December 27, 2008

the week in review

last night as i laid in bed i couldn't help but think of the highlights from the last week. it has been action packed and loads of fun!
thursday, 12-18-08
pete and i celebrate our anniversary by sleeping in, going to wilson's christmas program, and a yummy dinner at capi.
friday, 12-19-08
wilson's christmas party at school, last minute christmas shopping with my dad (a yearly tradition) and finishing up photo stuff before a week off.
saturday, 12-20-08
pete to sing in choir at prison in the morning and then to his grandparents for chimney cliff christmas- an entertaining hour and a half in the bmv each way, riding 12 deep.popcorn. and a late night arrival of the davidsons.

sunday, 12-21-08
to church, lunch at pete's parents (everyone is here-that's all 17 of us), cooking cupcakes, and time out in the community.
monday, 12-22-08
cupcake day!!! we made, sold, and packed up over 500 cupcakes. this was the chinos christmas project and all proceeds went to buy water buffalos for families through heifer.

tuesday, 12-23-08
sleepy. very last minute shopping for me. movie for pete. library w/ cousins for wilson. play time at grandjules for campbell.
wednesday, 12-24-08
christmas eve. packing for hot springs. gingerbread houses and shrinky dinks at julie's. church. drive to hot springs. present wrapping and scavenger hunt.
thurday, 12-25-08
merry christmas! present opening, yummy breakfast, toy playing, family time. drive to nlr. yummy dinner, great conversation, game time.
friday, 12-26-08
9 cousins photo shoot. enjoying 70 degree weather. crazy christmas with walker family. saying goodbye to davidsons.
saturday, 12-27-08
lazy day, slept in, played with toys, cleaned up-sort of.

it has been an unbelievably fun week and i think i could sleep for 2 days.

Friday, December 26, 2008

We had a great day with our family and wish the same for you.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

9 YEARS!!!

Today Pete and I are celebrating nine years of marriage.
It has been a great nine years and a great day.
I have to give props to my husband for planning a wonderful anniversary day and say thanks to those who made it possible.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i know what i want

Today was an ice day.
It was not the day I had planned.
Today I had planned to tie up loose ends before the kids get out of school for Christmas. Finish shopping, figure out what was left on my to do list, maybe laundry, a little alone time....but there was a different plan. One that left me reminded that I can't always have a plan, or at least can't hold it to tightly. There is a plan, I just need to be ready to change mine to follow it.
So the new plan for our day included an aunt with canceled flights, grandparents waiting out the roads, some computer work, my hubby still opening up Starbucks before the crack of dawn, lots of noise from stir crazy children, baking, and Christmas Cards assembly.
Somebody else in the house had a plan, too. It included wearing exactly what he wanted, superhero spy school, bossing baby bubby, and at least one grown up in the playroom giving direct attention at all times.

Those buttons didn't get buttoned all day long!