Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i know what i want

Today was an ice day.
It was not the day I had planned.
Today I had planned to tie up loose ends before the kids get out of school for Christmas. Finish shopping, figure out what was left on my to do list, maybe laundry, a little alone time....but there was a different plan. One that left me reminded that I can't always have a plan, or at least can't hold it to tightly. There is a plan, I just need to be ready to change mine to follow it.
So the new plan for our day included an aunt with canceled flights, grandparents waiting out the roads, some computer work, my hubby still opening up Starbucks before the crack of dawn, lots of noise from stir crazy children, baking, and Christmas Cards assembly.
Somebody else in the house had a plan, too. It included wearing exactly what he wanted, superhero spy school, bossing baby bubby, and at least one grown up in the playroom giving direct attention at all times.

Those buttons didn't get buttoned all day long!


berit said...

that's hilarious...cole tried to run without a shirt all day- but big mean momma had other ideas

clif, somer, vivian & bauer said...

if i looked that cute i wouldn't button my shirt either! and as for baby bubby, not too shabby...LOVE the accessories!! missed you guys, catch me thursday for a surprise...