Tuesday, January 18, 2011

remembering: december swimming

 Hard to believe that Christmas was just a few weeks ago and looking back I am realizing that i did not blog about all the fun we had.
 We had LOTS of cousin fun, including this day that we got to swim at the indoor pool at Grandmothers apartment. It was all 9 cousins + Tony, who is an honorary cousin.
 The kids swam hard and even put on a little synchronized swimming show.
Happy Kiddos

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

five ones

I love numbers and couldn't resist posting something on 1.11.11
We spent the day inside and in our pjs.
We have loved this unscheduled break from reality.
And are now preparing to start back to our normal routine tomorrow.

Monday, January 10, 2011

snow day #2

 We were so excited to have a snow day today. We slept late and laid around in pjs until 10. And then the real fun came when we suited up and headed out to enjoy our beautiful 6 inches (unconfirmed, just what i heard).
 The boys and i played in our backyard. Lots of snowballs and licking snow and a few snow angles and a quick mommy lead sled ride.
 That was all the warm up for our early afternoon trip out. Craig picked us up and dropped us off at a local golf course, along with the rest of NLR. It was great sledding and we all had so much fun!!!
 We even got to catch up with some cousins and Bailey...that always makes for a great day.
Then we headed home where we were soon joined by Pete.
 He and the boys headed out for one more snowventure while i drank my third cup of coffee and caught up on a little blogging.
And tomorrow we get to do it all again!

baby it's cold

hello and happy new year!
We are still trying to catch up from our wonderful Christmas break and today we were given the gift of a little snow so tomorrow we will be getting a SNOW DAY!!!
It might keep me behind on work and laundry for one more day, but it will be totally worth it.
Today we spent the day hanging with the Chinos and Pete's parents. We laid around with hot bags and let the kids enjoy the snow.