Monday, May 31, 2010

cookies and last days

Thursday was Campbell's last day of school and as a little thank you to his wonderful teachers we made his favorite cookies for them. I found a M and M cookie recipe on their website and C and I made them together...I love cooking with my boys.

Campbell really wanted to do it all and I was amazed by how long he lasted in the kitchen.
When they were finished we wrapped them up for his teachers and directors and a neighbor.
We took them on his last day. I took my camera thinking I would get this great pic of his whole class on the last day at this wonderful school, but it didn't go down like that. I could not get the kids attention and some had left and my child was completely uncooperative. Oh well....this really is silly Campbell.
And I did manage a picture of the boys.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

take me out to the ballgame

On Thursday night we had the pleasure of being invited to the Travelers game by the James. I was afraid to take my camera because it had been raining on and off, but I threw Wilson's camera in my bag so we could get a few pictures of Flat Stanley.

I did manage to get a few pics of the boys, and of course Flat Stanley, but none of the James family. Amy even got one picture of the 4 (5 if you count FS) of us.
We had a really great time!

I used Wilson's camera to take these pics and I was able to crop out the date that comes up on the bottom of all pics I take with his camera, but I am curious if anyone knows how to turn off this ANNOYS me! He has a Nikon point and shoot camera with a touch screen and the menu is very basic, think it is a 230. I cannot find anywhere to turn this off, but I know it can be off because it use to be. Any advice?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

our graduate

Lots of pictures below because my baby is a preschool graduate and it seems like Wilson did this yesterday.
The 2 graduating classes got to sing a few songs at the beginning of the program. Campbell was singing so loud that I could pick out his voice.

When they handed out the diplomas my eyes got all watery, I could just see him walking across the big stage, graduating High School. Then he made me laugh by using the diploma like a horn as he walked off stage.
Campbell got to dance with 2 of his girlfriends and it could not have been cuter.
C really has made great friends over the past 3 years.
And we have had awesome teachers.

Happy Graduation big man!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

graduation day is here

Today is Campbell's preschool graduation and a few days ago he gave us this little preview. I can't wait to see the real thing tonight.
Congratulations C! We are so proud of you and can't believe you are such a big boy.

Monday, May 17, 2010

before & after {part 3}

was: Formal Living/now: Office
I have been a super big slacker on sharing the before and after of our house and while most of you have seen it or lost interest I am still putting it up because I want to remember.
This room is the first room when you walk in our front door. It use to be a formal living space with a small entry off the entry hall we opened up the space to the stairs and living room (none of our living is formal).

We want this space to be inviting and I wanted work space that lets me feel like I am with the family, but where I have a little space to meet with clients and store my stuff. I never thought we could get all of the built ins that we had in our head, but we had a great cabinet guy and i LOVE the way they turned out and didn't break the bank. It is really a happy space. Soon a will share where this room leads and the happy wall of pictures that is behind what you are seeing.

head to toe

It was a busy weekend, but full of fun. We got to play with cousins, pictures of a cutie, pictures for a cause, stair work, pictures for baby dedication, and some family time too. And at the end of the day yesterday we decided before the Sunday night bath we would check out the big puddle in GrandJules driveway. Campbell jumped straight in and while it took Wilson a minute, and stealing my shoes, he eventually made it in.

I love those sweet faces and those feet too. As summer quickly approaches I want to remember to take time to get messy and jump in puddles.
Happy Monday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I feel so luck to have such a great mama and to get the privilege of being a mama to two wonderful boys. I love Mother's Day because it helps me remember the women in my life and what a strong impact they have had on me. I have a wonderful mom and mother-in-law, grandmothers, aunts, sister-in-laws, friends so many amazing women in my life to learn from and with.
Happy Mother's Day

A little late on this post, I had it saved, but was out of town and didn't get it published for Mother's Day. It is true everyday though and I thought I would put it up today because today is my mom's birthday and I want her to know how special she is to me.
Happy Birthday Mama!

i ♥ TOMS

We know a guy who works for the ad firm that worked on this video and so we heard 2nd hand about this trip put together with Heifer, TOMS shoes, and Kris Allen. I ♥ all three of those things so I was so excited today when this video showed up in my inbox.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

biker boys

Wilson got a new bike for his birthday, this is no it, with the intention that we(Pete) would put in the time to teach him to ride without training wheels. We quickly realized that it would be much easier to teach him on his old, smaller and lighter, bike.
Yesterday Pete gave it a go and though Wilson was not that excited about the idea he did pretty good and I think will be there soon.
And in classic little brother style Campbell saw an opportunity to one up his big brother and went for it.
Do you see that smile?
both growing up too fast!
Pete is also a youngest child :)
mad skills on a scooter!

rockin' the 80's

Last Wednesday the first graders had their program, Rockin' the 80's. I was so excited when Wilson came home singing Funkytown, Kokomo, Oh Micky, and Girls Just Want to Have Fun (love!).
And Wilson was so excited when he got to play a bongo drum, provided by one of his favorite people.

I unfortunately did not have my camera programed properly, no love for florescent lights in the cafeteria, so Wilson kind of looks like he doesn't have hands, but it gives you a small idea of how much he was into it.
growing up too fast!!!