Monday, September 29, 2008


On Saturday morning the boys and I got moving slowly, but once we were up we headed out. We made a quick stop at Community Bakery (a breakfast fav) and then down to the Argenta market for our basket pick-up. As we crossed the bridge into downtown NLR I remembered that we had been told in the BAM newsletter that Main St. would be closed for the Big Dam Bridge race. It was a pleasant surprise. The boys were so excited to see the riders and there was great music playing (Wilson has awesome dance moves)- an all around exciting morning. And I even had my camera in the car, I love it when that happens.

I love being out in our community. I love catching fun things that are going on. On Saturday I got to enjoy this in the morning with my boys and had a great time Saturday night at HarvestFest in Hillcrest with some friends.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

teddy bear day

Yesterday was the much anticipated teddy bear day in Wilson's kindergarten class. They got to bring a teddy bear from home and each child gets to make a teddy bear of their own. They even make teddy bear cookies and work on counting and sorting gummy bears.

That is Wilson's bear with the belt and red button. All the bears were cutie! And Campbell got to make one too. His has 3 noses.

My favorite part was how sweet Wilson was to Campbell. He wanted him to come so bad so that he could be a part of his special day. Then he introduced him to his friends and was so proud. I would even see him checking on Campbell to make sure he was okay and doing the right thing.
I love those little guys.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

go hogs

We headed to Fayetteville this past weekend for some fun with friends
and to give a call to those Hogs.
The second part was a little sad, but we managed to have fun anyway.

We drank lots of sprite and ate yummy ballgame food.

Aren't my parents so cutie?

Fun for all.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

snacky dinner

When Pete and I got married we carried on a tradition that his family had when he was young. On Sunday nights we didn't cook. We just kind of cleaned out the refrigerator and ate whatever snacky things were around. Sometimes it is the weeks leftovers or sometimes a bag of popcorn and some grapes-very random, which is half the fun. Since we have had kids this really happens more often than Sunday nights and Wilson has given it the name "snacky dinner." It is a favorite of the boys and pretty easy on this mama.
After a weekend out of town and a super low key day it seemed only appropriate to have snacky dinner- and it's even Sunday.
*I've also learned that you can even dress up snacky dinner if you have a cute tray.

Monday, September 15, 2008

are you ready for some football?

we were! and cole really was.

we went to LR tonight to watch cole play football.

it was a beautiful night and so fun to see cole play.

the boys even worked on their tackling skills.

wilson was a razorback and campbell was a dolphin (wilson assigned teams and i was impressed with even this small amount of football knowlege. i do realize it is a college team vs a pro, but coming from our house any knowledge is good.)

Friday, September 12, 2008

photo blog

In an attempt to be a little less confusing I have started a blog about my photography. I will use it to advertise my photography business and share with you what I am working on. Today I am posting about family pictures that could be used for Christmas cards. If you want to check it out it is

Thursday, September 11, 2008

soccer- part 3

On Tuesday night we started our 3rd season of soccer.

I think it is possible that I am the person in our family that likes soccer best. I like being outside (it was light jacket weather on Tuesday-in September), I like being social, I like the cute uniforms (yippee-Wilson got this very cool light blue this season), I don't even mind that this really does make me a soccer mom. Oh! and I love my new chairs!

This is Wilson's favorite part. All the parents make a tunnel to run through at the end of the game.

And Campbell and Eli love the dirt. This picture makes me laugh because Eli is spinning in circles and I feel like I can see the stars in his eyes.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

forever 29!

Today I turned 29! It is funny how time goes by so quickly. I can remember as a teenager that every time my mom had a birthday we would say "29 again?" and now that I am actually 29 I'm starting to think that wasn't such a bad idea.

We have been celebrating for a few days with lots of fun and loooooots of food!

We went out last night with the Jones, the James and the Chinos for some of that good food. SO fun because Alison and I share a birthday and have made a tradition of celebrating together.

The girls took a picture together and when I asked the boys to pose together this is the closest I could get them.

(do you see Taido pretending to pay the meter?)

Thanks! It was a great birthday.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the weekend

This weekend we had the pleasure of welcoming the Chinos home and getting to welcome the Davidsons to NLR for the weekend. It was a great time and of course a little crazy, but that is to be expected with 9 kids who are 11 & under.

We managed to grab a few pictures of all the kids.

Wilson, Ben, Grace, Phin, Mary Polly, Campbell, Cole, Simon & Emily

We even stopped someone on the bridge so we could get a picture of us all together (except Craig and Julie.)