Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Game #5

Last night was the 5th soccer game and Peter even got to do a little coaching for the first 5 minutes. I would like to say the team is greatly improving, but it is very hit or miss, you don't really know from one minute to the next who might be interested. I am pretty sure Wilson and Dylan were way more into silly faces than they were soccer, but they had fun.

We wondered all day if we would have the game and just about game time the clouds finally broke up and it seemed like it was finally going to be sunny. About ten minutes in it rained for a few minutes, so weird because there were no clouds over us. It was the sunniest it had been all day and the only time I saw rain, but the reward was great. The rest of the game was played with rainbow overhead and the clouds made for great pictures.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

September BAM

I am a few days behind, but this weekend was the basket of the month pick up. We were going out of town on Friday morning so Pete went and picked up the basket for me on Thursday morning while I was working. Later in the afternoon I called to check on the basket, it is very special, and heard about the milk. A "special" arrival in the basket this month was raw milk. Honestly I don't know exactly what this means, but apparently because it is raw it had to be labeled as "Pet food- not for human use." This is very unfortunate to me because I would find it hard to pull out and drink, or serve my children something with this label. So, I guess if you want to give it a try let me know. At this point it is or will be going bad in my refrigerator.

Milk aside, an exciting basket filled with goodies.

Sweet potatoes

yellow squash



fresh pasta- my favorite


8 grain bread from boulevard


organic long grain brown rice

shitake mushrooms

spring mix

colored bell peppers

ground lamb

chipotle peppers

Pie pumpkin- anyone have a great recipe with pumpkin? Pumpkin bars? pumpkin muffins?

... a Ho Hum CD, which my funny husband put in the fridge- after a conversation about which groceries go in the fridge.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Reese is 2!

Yesterday we went to Reese's 2nd Birthday party.

She was a very sweet birthday girl and even let Dylan blow out her candles.

Campbell got to go fishing. He didn't catch anything, but a fish did steal his worm. Other than cake this was his favorite part.

He was not very excited about leaving.

Welcome to 2 Reese!

Croc Boots

Who knew Crocs made boots? Well I didn't, until now. These boots are the newest and coolest in Wilson's world, a gift from my parents. He sports them all around the house, mostly because I will not let him leave the house in them. Not that they aren't great they are just 2 sizes too big and he would like to wear them with shorts.

Also in his world they go best with a cowboy hat.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Attack of the Fumungus!

Yesterday afternoon we took advantage of the slightly cooler temperatures by spending some time outside. We walked to pick Wilson up from school and then let the boys play in the front yard. They are very good at exploring. The most interesting thing they discovered yesterday was a spot where the heavy rain had left a little fungus on the mulch. Wilson was very inquisitive and after we told him it was a fungus they spent the rest of the time running from the fumungus.

"Come on Campbell, we've got to get away from the fumungus!"

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First Game

Looking for a place to wipe the mud.
Future soccer teammates.

Big Buddies!

Birthday Girl Time

My birthday was last week, as were Alison and Julie's, and in an attempt to make it last as long as possible I stretched the celebration out over 4 days. I got to do some shopping, hang out with some good friends and eat some great food. This is a picture from the Hillcrest "shop n sip." It is oh so much fun, if you have not been I would say it is a must. All the stores in Hillcrest stay open late the first Thursday of the month and have food and drink, then we went out to eat.

Sorry to those of you whose faces are hidden, especially Sarabeth whose head is blocked by my very large head.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Let the games begin

Wilson had his first soccer practice this week. He is on a team with Dylan and 4 other little boys and as you can see from his face in the 4th pic he is taking it very seriously. At least when he isn't asking the coach if he can take a break for water, who can blame him- he got a new water bottle and everything.

Monday, September 3, 2007

A few of my favorite things

Part 1.....

I really like to shop, a thing that was passed on to me by my mother. And even more I love to find a deal, so I decided I would start sharing some of my favorite finds with you. It's kind of like Oprah's favorite thing except millions of people hear about those and there are 2 of you, but anyway I hope you enjoy.

My favorite new baby thing is this California Baby Bubble Bath found by Alison at Target. It actually has a bubble wand in the bottle and makes for fun times in the bath. In addition it is organic and smells super good. This might be a spoiler if you have had a baby recently because I stocked up for gifts.

My Boys Love It!