Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Game #5

Last night was the 5th soccer game and Peter even got to do a little coaching for the first 5 minutes. I would like to say the team is greatly improving, but it is very hit or miss, you don't really know from one minute to the next who might be interested. I am pretty sure Wilson and Dylan were way more into silly faces than they were soccer, but they had fun.

We wondered all day if we would have the game and just about game time the clouds finally broke up and it seemed like it was finally going to be sunny. About ten minutes in it rained for a few minutes, so weird because there were no clouds over us. It was the sunniest it had been all day and the only time I saw rain, but the reward was great. The rest of the game was played with rainbow overhead and the clouds made for great pictures.

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Jerusalem said...

Alison is looking very Mary Poppins!