Saturday, March 28, 2009

March BAM (basket of the month)

I'm not sure why I skip out on blogging about one of my favorite things, but as spring is here I thought I should return to my posts about BAM (basket of the month.)
in the basket:
1 gallon of yummy milk
pint of chocolate milk
bread (round) the baguette was purchased separately
1 lb. fresh pasta
pepper jack cheese
white cheddar
dozen eggs
3 kinds of lettuce/greens ( i always have to ask alison what is what)
shitake mushrooms
grape or apple jelly
sweet potatoes
homemade ricotta cheese

oh...and also available was this bread pudding...yum-O!

I always like to put in a little plug for my BAM friends, but seriously this is the time for signing up. You pay for 3 or 6 baskets at a time and this is prime time! The April, May, June and July baskets are my favs! We are talking seriously yummy fruit and veggies. And more exciting news is the upcoming opening of the Argenta Market. I think it is set to open on April 18th. It is on Main Street in NLR.
You can go to to sign up for the baskets and you can check out some of the pictures I have taken for the folks at BAM at

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The Merediths said...

Thanks for writing about the BAMs. Your boys are so handsome and your pictures are divine, but there is nothing like this foodie seeing food that just gets the juices flowing.