Friday, March 6, 2009

big boy trip

Two weeks ago NLR had a 4 day weekend and we jumped on it with a quick trip to Disney World. Even as I write that it sounds crazy, but it did kind of happen like that.

My mom had a season pass and had told my nephew she would take him before it expired. When we sat down and tried to figure it out about a month ago we realized this would be the best time. It was a trip just for the BIG boys(5 year olds) and my mom, Amanda and I got to tag along (I'm pretty sure Amanda and I love it as much as they do. We have collectively been close to 20 times-CRAZY!!!)
After almost 24 hours of traveling and an unexpected overnight stay in Atlanta we made it.

And though our short trip was cut even shorter, we managed to maximize the fun. We even hit all 4 major parks in the 2 1/2 days we were there.

I don't suggest this, but we did it with minimal meltdowns
and lots of laughs.The best part for me was the very special time I got with Wilson. Once I got over the guilt of leaving Campbell at home (with plenty to keep him busy and happy,) I realized what a treat it was to have these memories with just Wilson.

And on the last day we weren't just mom and Wilson we were mommy and baby tiger, with the help of some very impressive face paint.
And Dylan and Amanda were a dinosaur and a leafy/flowery forest for the dinosaur to hide in.

We even got to show off our fabulous faces to Mickey.

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