Friday, June 19, 2009

where did the crust go?

I could post pretty frequently on the strange eating habits of our youngest child, not that you would be interested, but I could. About how I have eaten my words about kids eating whatever you give them as long as you don't give other choices (he would/does eat nothing) or how I'm pretty sure he tries to eat enough at breakfast to last the whole day....the latest is that he BEGS for a snack in the morning-I don't do a morning snack, but I guess he is missing the snack he got at MDO and BSF.????
For the last two days, after begging for this morning snack and not getting it, he has eaten his lunch like this. He is taking tiny bites of his crust until it is all gone and leaving a lot of his food behind (pretty standard). The pictures do not do justice...the bread looks crust-less when he is done with it.

Not to worry....we are doing VBS at night this week and Campbell is all about some VBS dinner. He will take a chicken nugget, fish stick or hot dog any day of the week.

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berit_k said...

if we could get your youngest and my youngest together to eat, together they would eat a full meal.