Tuesday, June 9, 2009

25th Anniversary

On Sunday our church celebrated 25 years. It was a great day! On Sunday morning there were stories and pictures shared from throughout the years. The student choir (Cole) sang and there was a beautiful display of the way God is moving in His people.

Then in the afternoon we headed to the YMCA, where it all started, for a picnic, baptism (that's Ben) and swimming.

Campbell, Eli and Lucy were very entertained by the old Fellowship sign. Eli and Campbell used their hands and a cup of lemonade to "clean" it.

Pete and I are not usually included in pictures, so we snapped this one. It makes me laugh.

I do love loot and this frisbee was no exception, I love it!!! There were also cute t-shirts and cups with our new logo.

Fellowship has been a place that has had and continues to have such an impact on my life and our family. I met Jesus there, i met Peter there, and there I am continually challenged to examine the way that I live the life I have been given.

What a great celebration.
Happy 25th Fellowship!

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Jerusalem said...

that looks like a great day! FN is such a wonderful church and we are still blessed daily by the relationships we built there!