Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I was just going to do a little post about the daddy in our house (who loves being in front of the camera), but the more I thought about it I wanted to send out much love to all the papa bears in our lives.
To my dad...thank you for making me always feel loved, no matter what. You have no idea how much easier that makes everything about life.

To my boys daddy...thank you for making us all laugh. You are so amazing with our boys and they adore you, we all do.

To my have challenged me on mountains and continue to challenge me in life. Thank you for loving me like your own.

Without these men I can not imagine who I would be.
Thank you for loving your wives and your children and for being people I am happy to set before my sons as examples.
I love you all!

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marissa said...

what a lovely post