Sunday, March 7, 2010

coming soon: new house

I am really the worst about not sharing what I intend to share a lot about. I know that makes no sense, but it is pretty easy for me to sit down and blog a few pics from a soccer game, cupcake sale, school party.....but the big things take way more time and I really want to put some energy into them. And friends energy is not something I have spare amounts of these days. Between finishing our house (that we are now living in), keeping up with work, soccer schedule, dishes, laundry (if you saw it you would question if i am in fact "keeping up" with this), 2 kiddos....I am having BIG trouble with time management.
So this is really a post to remind myself that, among other things, I want to blog about our house. We have spent the past 4 months remodeling and I would love to have a scrapbook of sorts here so I can remember the highs and lows of this experience.
HOUSE before/after post is COMING SOON.
Then i might blog about the trip we took to New York last fall because it is on the list too.

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