Thursday, March 4, 2010

excuses and soccer

So things in life, including blog, work, email & really all non-house things, have really taken a back seat for the last 2 weeks (or 4 months). But we are officially living in our house and maybe I can put the boxes aside and come back to reality.

Somewhere in this time I have really noticed how quickly the boys are growing and it hurts my heart. So I am going to try to at least get some pics on here so I can remember this time in our lives that I am pretty sure will just be a blur in my memory.

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Both the boys started back to soccer last week, I have not gotten pictures of Wilson yet (slacker), but here are a few from Campbell's practice. These kids crack me up. Their games are a skit! the kids have NO clue where to run or how to control the ball and I spend the hole time laughing or yelling- so great.

It was CRAZY cold last week. I took Simon with me to this practice and he had so many clothes on that he could barely move and he was still cold.

I do love spring soccer, but I wouldn't mind if it would warm up a bit.

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