Wednesday, March 17, 2010

before & after {part 2}


This is the dining room. Other than the things I find very obvious in the photos (lighting, floor, walls) we also had a built in made that resembles a dining room hutch, replaced the sliding doors with french doors, moldings added and ceiling scrapped. Major changes in the walls and layout of this space and the kitchen. We moved the door going into the laundry room into this room, it was in the kitchen and removed the entire wall that separated the dining and kitchen, replacing it with an island.



Allison Nelson said...

Looks awesome!You guys are so good!
And I love Campbell's cake. So cute!

The Merediths said...

I lu-HUV your new kitchen!!! I also love the Lego cake, as well. I just love Whitney's talents and gifts.

m @ random musings said...

auh-may-zing. It's hard to believe that the "after" pic is the same room! How of the work was diy?

Jennifer said...

love the upholstered chairs, where are they from?

Mary said...

This is beautiful. Filled with so much charm. I absolutely love it. Great job.