Saturday, October 13, 2007

Island Camping

In all the years Peter and I have been married I have heard a lot about island camping, but somehow I had missed out until this weekend. It is a longstanding Loibner tradition to go camping on a island on lake Ouchita. So yesterday we loaded up with Craig and went to meet some of his family on island 33.

The boys were so excited, they love to camp, and I feel like little boys are most comfortable when surrounded by dirt. I was pretty excited too, just being outside on such a nice day was a pretty big treat. And the Loibner family does camping very well. We ate some super yummy food, including fried fish and potatoes for lunch, per Wilson's request and already had a tent up upon our arrival.

Beyond the obvious joy of being outside the boys also rode a boat, went fishing, watched Peter's uncle fillet a live fish, threw rocks, peed outside, slept in a tent, swung on a hammock, went swimming, played with a rope, climbed on a wood pile, and ate marshmallows. It was a really good time and now I would like to go to sleep.

Oh, I almost forgot... Campbell fell asleep in my arms and then slept on the hammock while we got our stuff ready to go... So Cutie!!

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Erica said...

What a fun trip. The picture of you and Cambell is heart-warming. I miss you too. Let's get our families together, dinner or lunch or a trip to the park?