Thursday, November 15, 2007

Starburst & Turkeys

my little boys.


I guess this story really starts just after Halloween. We had a friend over and I was offering her a piece of candy from the large Halloween bowl. This broke off into a conversation about Starburst where I mentioned that the pink were my favorite, the only one I am really tempted by. Skip ahead to last week... Wilson got to pick a treat from the bowl and he said he was picking the two pack of Starburst, because there are two. After opening it and realizing that one was pink he brought it to me, "look." I was excited for him because pink really is the best and then he put it in my hand "this one is for you." i so enjoy the sweet moments.

"look mommy i make turkey"


Amy James said...

LOVE it! Your boys are precious. It's funny how something so simple can mean something so big.

Sarah said...

That is so sweet. Tell Campbell I think his turkey is awesome. I miss those boys.

Erica said...

I bet that was the best pink starburst ever!