Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wilson's World

Wilson got a little digital camera for Christmas and it has been a big hit. He walks around the house taking pictures of all the furniture and stuffed animals, he is really into close ups.
I often times tell Peter that when we look back on our lives in pictures it will be like I don't exist. I am always behind the camera, which I love, but I think Wilson might change things. Yesterday he asked if he practiced really hard could he be a photographer like me? I do wish I could remember how he says photographer- very cute. I think he will be busy making coffee and taking pictures.


Amy James said...

that is too fun!

berit said...

whitney, i too struggle because i'm always behind the camera and wonder if my boys will remember since there are few pictures. cole got a digital camera for christmas too but he's still too involved with video game to notice. hmmm, maybe i'll show him wilson's work and see if that can't be his new years resolution.