Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wilson's special day

For the last several weeks Wilson has been asking to have a special day. A day where we do just what he wants for the whole day and Campbell is not invited. He has been pretty sweet about it though, explaining that Campbell can be the second one to have a special day and he won't be jealous. The idea was stolen from the TV show Jon and Kate + 8. I might tape this show on occasion and let Wilson watch it with me while Campbell naps (those kids are so cute.) Anyways it is about these people who have 8 children and recently they spent a day where each child got to do special things with the parents, an opportunity for a little quality time. Wilson thought this was a great idea and so we decided to carve out a little alone time.

We came up with a few options for the main event. He could choose skating, Wild River, the children's museum or Pinnacle Mt. In true Loibner fashion he picked the mountain (actually a hill), but please don't tell Wilson. On the way up we talked about Grandpapa and Uncle Taido, who are in Colorado climbing a real mountain.

Wilson climbed like a champ!

At the top we all let out a little shout and enjoyed a snack.

For lunch Wilson picked Purple Cow, a family favorite. He and Pete shared a chocolate milkshake appetizer.
It was a really special day with our special guy.

We only have two kids, but it is funny how when you get them alone you hear them in a whole new way. Highlights of the day...
1. .."mom, isn't it cool that Simon can speak 2 languages? English and babyish"
2. "dad can we go to toys-r-us? we don't have to buy anything unless there is a lego you want. (he has pete figured out. they did come home with a new lego.)
3. "this was the best day of my whole life!"


berit said...

now isn't that wonderful? i love the lego part- smart boy!

Peter & Whitney said...

Lego's new "Agent" lineup was too tempting. We got the one with the alligators! http://shop.lego.com/ByTheme/Leaf.aspx?cn=543&d=70

Erica said...

what a great idea wilson had. and i love his quotes at the bottom of the post.