Saturday, November 8, 2008

the bluff

Castle Bluff is such a special place to me. In the weeks that I prepared to spend the weekend there I waited with anticipation. For me it represents time alone, time with God, time with teenagers...also in the fall it is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I think we hit the leaves at there peak.

Have tons of pictures, but I don't know the rules about putting peoples pictures on my blog without permission. Anybody know what the rules are with that?

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Alison said...

i LOVE these pictures. there were no leaves up there last week when we went, so thank you for the beautiful fall photos of one of my favorite places on earth!

i think you can put up whatever pictures you want, but that's just me. if you want to be safer, you can always upload to facebook instead where supposedly everyone is your "friend" who is seeing them, eh?