Thursday, January 22, 2009


One day my dad and i took my parents camera out with us skiing. We didn't manage to take many pictures, it's lots of work to take off gloves and unzip and put it all back in and on, but we did manage to pull it out a few times

and the best part was that we ran into Wilson and Campbell's ski class on the mountain, just after they rode their first real ski lift.
so cutie!!! and a little scary, but just for me.

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clif, somer, vivian & bauer said...

i have always wanted to steal those loibner boys...they are so stinkin' cute! but this picture seals the time they are dressed up like this...i'm nabbing them....but'll know it's me cause i'll be the only person on the mountain in sleeveless ski gear....dangit...foiled again!