Tuesday, July 7, 2009

sweet Vivian

Yesterday morning I received the following e-mail. It is in regard to Campbell's sweet friend Vivian and an accident that took place on Saturday evening.

Dear friends,

Just wanted to let you know about a situation involving Vivian Day, the three year old daughter of Clif and Somer Clark-Day. She was involved in an accident on her bike yesterday with a parked truck. This accident apparently caused a skull fracture. Somer notified me late yesterday evening... and was obviously overcome with emotion. Vivian had been taken away in an ambulance from her home because Somer knew fairly quickly that the accident was more than a major laceration. At the time of her call, she knew that Vivian would have to have a CT scan and knew she was going to have a consultation with neurosurgery. Somer had called me to ask me to put Vivian on the prayer chain at church.

I received another call from Somer later concerning the fact that Vivian was going to have an operation on her skull. Once the doctor and team began performing the operation, they discovered that the skull was a little more depressed than originally thought. The depression was approx. 2 1/2 inches long and an inch wide. Her head was shaved and cut from the middle of her head to her ear. The team pulled the depressed part of skull out and attached sutures. No screws were used, so it is thought that theses will grow with her. This is some good news. Other hopeful news is that no brain bleeds were detected. The doctor is concerned about a possible contusion (bruise on the brain). Therefore, Vivian will have another CT scan today. She is currently on anti-seizure meds and antibiotics. She is in the ICU at this time. If the CT scan looks good today, she might be able to move to a room within the next couple of days. After yet another normal scan, she would be able to go home. Somer did indicate that she did wake up and ask for some water and has spoken a bit. She is cognitive.

The nurses who were assisting on the operation had worked with Somer previously before Somer had children... and while she was pregnant with Vivian. She said they took extra care in cleaning her up and caring for her. Our senior pastor, Guy Whitney was there for Somer and Clif throughout the evening... staying until after 3:00 a.m.

Specific prayers have been requested for continued improvement and healing. Please pray for no contusions and/or brain bleeds. Please pray for these parents, who are in agony.

I made it to the hospital last night and Vivian has made it out of ICU and is in a regular room. She is surrounded by her family and a room full of balloons.
This little girl is so brave and strong. She is a miracle.
She had a CT scan yesterday that looked good and will have another today.
Please pray for this family, for a speedy and full recovery for Vivian and for her parents who are going through something unimaginably hard.

UPDATE: I spoke to Somer last night (Tues.) and Vivian had been up, walking around and playing in her hospital room. They had gotten the okay to head home today (Wed.). Continue to pray for this family and Vivian's healing.

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