Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a little of this

....a little of that.......who are we kidding it is a LOT of this and that.
We are officially in full swing. The Chinos arrived today and we will have a fun filled 24 hours before our 17 drops to 16. Pete will be heading back to LR tomorrow afternoon for Starbucks post-Thanksgiving duties. The rest of us will enjoy a few more days of fun which includes, but is not limited to, lots of eating. I might have mentioned that we are staying with a pastry chef. Did I mention freshly made dessert every day since we have been here? Did I mention that my husband would like to come live with his sister? If food were a love language she would be speaking his. And did I mention that tonight alone there were 4 (FOUR) dessert choices after dinner. It is not even thanksgiving!

pumpkin chocolate chip bars

glazed sugar cookies

pumpkin cookies with maple icing

and cinnamon crisps

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The Merediths said...

I, too, want to live with Peter's sister.