Saturday, December 26, 2009

It was a merry Christmas (part 1)

Pete and I have a tradition of spending the night with my parents on Christmas we headed to Hot Springs with the boys on Thursday night to join my parents and 2 of my cousins for Christmas fun.

The boys woke up while it was still mostly dark (6:45), but not as early as my brother and I use to ( i think even as teenagers we would wake my parents around 5 a.m.)

They had so much fun with presents and stockings...

...and the best part, our traditional scavenger hunt.

These are the faces of 2 little boys who are CRAZY excited about their BIG Christmas present.

We had a great day hanging with my family in our pj's.

And then we packed it up and headed to Pete's parents (aka: our current residents) for more Christmas fun.

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berit_k said...

the death star is ENORMOUS...