Tuesday, February 9, 2010

simple mom giveaway

the snow has really given me the gift of time for the last few days. that is i am free to catch up on my email and blog reading, anything that i can do without too much thought, because lets face it i am stuck in the house with a 4 & 6 year old who have unlimited questions and request through the day. and as soon as i commit myself to a project that takes longer than 5 minutes DISASTER STRIKES! tears, spills, kicking,begging, scratching, hunger. i had to question Wilson this morning on why it was that when he goes to school he is fine to not eat between his 7:30 breakfast and his 11:30 lunch, but yet while here on these snowy days he is wanting breakfast, morning snack, and elevensies?
all this is really just the explanation for why i am able to share giveaways i have found on blogs i follow and not able to actually accomplish anything productive, other than some really great family time and a few extra cuddles- i have loved that!
So if you, like me, find yourself with a spare 5 minutes head on over to simple mom where they are doing some super fun giveaways.

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