Wednesday, August 17, 2011

book character day

 Sometime in May the boys had book character day at school (i know it is August). Such a fun way to get the kids talking about books they like and how important reading is. Wilson knew he wanted to be someone from Harry Potter, he went with Colin Creevey, and Campbell picked one of my favorites, How I Became a Pirate. We borrowed a HP cape, wand and tie from the Chinos and with a camera from my collection Wilson was set. For Campbell I sewed a stuffed parrot to his shoulder and with some tattoos, a bandanna, and a belt he was good to go.
 When they got to school each class got to parade around to show how they had dressed and what book they had chosen. It was pretty adorable.
 Wilson and his best buddy had both dressed up from Harry Potter...loves.
Trying for a little blog catch here is what we have been up to for the last four months :)

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