Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the most fun...day 1

 It was a beautiful Friday morning when I met up with these eleven lovely ladies to set out on the adventure of a lifetime. This day and the five that followed will forever be some of my fondest memories. These women have taken up permanent residence in my heart. We are the WOO and it was #cruisazy and truly THE MOST FUN!
 We left NLR and headed to Mobile, making a lunch stop at Rhoda's Famous Hot Tamales. It was a super fun road trip and some of the best food ever.
It took all day, but we reached Mobile in time for a delicious dinner (there will be a food theme) and lots of laughs before resting up to get on the cruise ship in the morning.

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The Simple Man said...

Great post, I like how personal you are with your audience. Also I am sure you have answered this before, but what camera do you use?