Tuesday, December 20, 2011

excuses and cupcakes

in all of my years of blogging this is the longest i have gone without posting on this blog. i have done a little better here, but not that much. it has been a busy Fall. i am working hard to manage my time and not make myself crazy and though it makes me so sad this is an easy place to cut back. my love for instagram and pinterest makes it a bit easier because i feel that at least i have those outlets and they are accessible from my phone as i wait in the pick up line at school. i have high hopes that blogging will be a regular part of 2012....we shall see.

Today I am here to remind you of the Chino's annual Cupcakes for a Cause Cupcake Sale!

The sale is happening on December 23rd  at the Chino House!
This year each of the Chino kids have picked a charity that their portion of the money will go to. You can see more info on that here
You can stop by to have a cupcake with us or go ahead and let me know if you would like to put in an order. We will box up your treats and have them ready for you on Friday.

Cupcakes are $2 each
Chocolate with Very Dark Chocolate Frosting
Vanilla with Vanilla Bean Frosting
Chocolate with Peppermint Frosting

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