Saturday, March 17, 2007

Boy, Oh boy (oh boy, oh boy, oh boy)

On thursday we had the big treat of having the McGoodens (just 4 of them- sorry Nate) for a two day and two night boy fest. 5 boys sounds like a lot, especially when they are 1,2,3,4,&5, and it is. Wilson and Campbell were in heaven. Playing pirates, hide and seek, snakes, chase, and even going to sleep are all so much more fun when you have so many friends to do it with. It was also a big treat for Sarah and I, who rarely get a moments to catch up between the craziness, and had a "date" Friday night-leaving all 5 children with a babysitter (thanks Erica!)

It was funny to see each little personality as they played together.

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Amy James said...

Fun times! That looked like a good time. I can only imagine how excited the boys were to have 3 boys come and play for 2 days.