Sunday, March 11, 2007

Disney World, USA

When ones husband will be gone helping people in Africa for two weeks the best plan, to keep from going crazy with the kids, is to call in Mimi and Papaw for help and choose to go to a place that could not be more different than Africa. While this was not truly the intention, it was what worked out. So we loaded up for a fifteen hour car ride to semi-sunny Florida, beginning at Disney World and then traveling to the grandparents second home of Jacksonville.

The whole adult man in an animal suit has never settled very well with Wilson, so I really questioned if this was the place for us. Surprisingly he warmed up to it quickly and would even touch or stand next to them without holding tightly onto me.

Our favorite things about Disney World

1. The Buzz Lightyear Ride, fun for all ages. I was asking my parents if we could do it again when we were done.

2. Campbell on It's a Small World, the pace is very slow and you feel caught in an early claymation movie, but it was a fav of mine as a child and he smiled from ear to ear the whole ride.

3. If you can't afford to go to the actual parks and your children are young enough there are plenty of things to do for free: the Lego store, 2 million gift shops, building potato heads, or my kids favorite, riding the luggage cart. They were truly as entertained by this as by the rides at Disney.

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