Sunday, July 29, 2007

July BAM

Friday was a great day. The Davidsons arrived from Chicago and we got to go pick up our Basket of the Month. The only thing better than picking up my basket is being a part of picking up three. Plus I do, as I have mentioned, love this whole experience and running in to some of you there. We took all three baskets to Julie's and unloaded because this is the week of the cousins. We will spend most of the week with 9 children under 10 and only 7 adults, we are officially out numbered and it is a lot of fun....mostly.
So here is what we got his month, the last for blackberries.

2 small watermelons
1 large cantaloupe
heirloom eggplant
large tomatoes
cherry tomatoes
bell peppers
Lima beans
purple hull peas
multi colored potatoes
sweet potatoes
dozen eggs
1 lb. cheese
2 lb. peaches, plus the 50 extra pounds we bought

I think that is everything, but it has been a few days so I might be forgetting something.

I will post pictures later of some of our good eats.


Sarah said...

What in the world do you do with 52 pounds of peaches!?!

Peter & Whitney said...

Actually it was 56 because we had all 3 baskets together. Peach cobbler, peach pancakes, peach all the children could have a peach when they requested a snack.