Sunday, August 5, 2007

yep, there are nine.

There is always some cousin love around the Loibner home, but this week it reached the ultimate with the arrival of the Davidson cousins from Chicago. All together there are nine cousins, the best part is they are 10 and under. 10, almost 8, 7,6, almost 5, 4, 2,1, and 5 months. It has really been a great week. We have swam, played hide and seek, lots of games, we even braved Wild River Country with the 6 oldest. They out number us and I'm pretty sure it won't be long before they realize they could take over. For now we are enjoying the end of the visit and are all ready for a nap.

Oh and we even got a picture. We decided it was the first time we had a photo session without tears. Very exciting.

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Anna Davidson said...

thanks for all the great times last week. I love cooking with you and watching all the kids go crazy together. Those are some precious moments (maybe we should buy some ceramic figurines to commemorate them).