Sunday, August 12, 2007

Commander Wilson

...from Outer Space. When we arrived home on Thursday Wilson had a gift waiting on the stairs. Our sweet neighbors pass some things down to him when their little boy outgrows them. This time it was a bicycle helmet. In my opinion it is far too hot to be out riding a bicycle, really to be doing anything but swimming. Because of this I thought we could put it away for a few weeks until it cools down a bit, but Wilson had other plans. He has always enjoyed pretending, for about 6 months when he was 2 he would only respond when you called him Buzz Lightyear. So for the past 4 days he has been Commander Wilson from Outer Space. My favorite part is the aviator sunglasses, which he actually takes off when he goes outside.
The picture is as we are walking out the door this morning on the way to church. I am actually a little picky about what he wears to church, other days I let him pick out what he wants, but we all need some accessories.

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Alison Chino said...

i love wilson's attachments to the keeps us all smiling.

we love that commander wilson, and they smiley campbell.

we send a little cool air your way!

mucho love from the chinos