Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm here, but it's not

After a very exciting and a little bit tiring visit with Pete's family last week we decided to head to a place where children are outnumbered by adults, so we went to Hot Springs. If this seems like a theme it is because we try to spend as much time as we can there. We love visiting with my parents, being around the water, having a break from our house and sometimes they even let us sleep in.
Anyway on Tuesday I had talked Pete into watching the boys and my mom into driving with me to Pine Bluff. What? you might be asking why PB? It is not close to HS and lets face it that when you think of thing to do with a day off from your children this does not top the list, but I really wanted to go. Sometime last year we discovered that what use to be a Gap in the Pines mall had turned into a gap Outlet and both times I have been they had great stuff. So I planned. i had Alison's list of clothes her kids need for the fall and a mental list for my kids. It took my mom and I about an hour and a half, a small price to pay for a good deal and it was 1st Tuesday so we would get an extra 10% off. The only problem was that while I was at the Pines mall, the Gap Outlet is not. I could feel my body temperature rise. Why did they close this store. First McCain mall and then this. I learned three lessons. #1.. if you are traveling a great distance or going out of your way to go somewhere, make sure it exists. #2.. no real reason to go to the Pines mall, well unless you live in Pine Bluff. #3 If something like this seems to good to be true, it probably is..last time Alison and I went we couldn't believe all the deals and how uncrowded it was.
I am laughing now, but I might have cried a little that day. I'll just blame the tears on the heat, man it is hot!


Sarah said...

Were you and June at least able to find a restaurant that served margaritas?

Amy James said...


Peter & Whitney said...

It is too sad to actually admit where we had lunch, but be sure there were no margaritas!