Monday, August 27, 2007


This morning I took a last minute trip to the DMV, my tags expire today and my drivers license next week. I do realize the tags could have been taken care of online, by phone, or by mail if only I would take the needed steps ahead of time. I am pretty sure that every year of my married life, which is also every year of my adult life, I have forgotten to assess at the proper time ( which is apparently Jan 1- may ?). I always realize my tags are about to expire and something inside of me thinks "isn't there something else I have to do first?", but it is August so I do it but not in time to take the easy road.
I'm sure this says a lot about my personality. No matter how much I love or long to be organized it does not really come natural to me. I doesn't matter that HGTV sends me organization e-mails or that a book on the subject peaks my interest, not even that the Container store is one of my favorite places. It just isn't me.
Why do I not know these unknowns? Am I just spoiled to a world with lots of reminders? How do you organize the things in life you can't even remember exist? I wish somewhere in my education (K- college) I would have had a class on these things, like commonly overlooked things101. I am pretty sure it would have served me better than Geology or even Chemistry, after all I was a Fashion merchandising major and obviously not really interested in science. Chances are something like this existed and I just some how missed that too. So just in case you are like me here is a friendly reminder to assess, the number is in the phone book. And even if you have already done it for this year go ahead and put it on the calandar for January, I did.

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Sarah said...

Shouldn't they be required by law to send a friendly reminder card?