Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Eggs

Okay, so I decide better late than never on these fun pictures of the kids dying eggs. This is something I have very found memories of doing as a child. We would dye eggs at my Gippy's house with my cousins- so fun!! We also did shrinky dinks as kids. Anybody remember those? I am not sure they still exist, but they were fun.

Eli was very devoted to his "craft." He left each egg in the dye for a long time and would suck the extra off when he was done.

Ben's hand was dyed green, which went along nicely with the Chinos' green Easter clothes.


Sarah said...

A couple years ago I found some generic "shrinky dinks" at the $1 section in Target. I haven't seen any since. The boys didn't have as much fun with them as I remembered. I loved those things.

Susan said...

Hey! Are you coming to the 10 year high school reunion? It's July 25-26. Send me your address and anyone else's from our class that you may have. I'm kinda helping plan.