Saturday, May 31, 2008


The summer baskets are so beautiful! It was a treat to go out with the boys this morning and pick up our basket in Argenta. And now the baskets are going to be available every 2 weeks for the summer, i'll be looking for the blackberries.

1 lb beefalo
1 lb cheese (cheddar and jalapeno)
bean sprouts ( alison, i need you! what do i use these for?)
spring mix
shiitake vinaigrette dressing
sugar snap peas
sweet potatoes
shiitake mushrooms
whole milk
red fire lettuce
dozen eggs
Last week I bought this amazing strawberry salad dressing and today we got the other in our basket. I love that line...a little bit of arkansas in each bottle.


Allison Nelson said...

Where can I get that dressing??? It sounds so good to me right now!

Sarabeth said...

so glad you wrote this - I was giddy when I got home this morning and wanted to write but the day ran away with out me...

i asked bridgett what to do with the mung beans since they were from her and she said sprinkle them on salads, sandwiches, wraps. i love the way they are so little and half green, half white - so cute!

and I can't WAIT to taste that shitake dressing! yum!

Peter & Whitney said...

not sure if you can get it other places, but maybe check out