Monday, May 12, 2008

part of the show

i might have mentioned that a nice thing about being at disney during the "off season" was that we got to be a part of a few shows. all three boys were picked for sidewalk shows. wilson even got to do 2 because he wouldn't let pete go without him.

wilson followed the orders of the green army men from toy story

pete got to where a funny hat

and campbell got to dance with woody and other toys from andy's room

and i got to show off my acrobatic skills in the lion king


Allison Nelson said...

That is so great! Emma got to be "Chip" in the "Belle-storytime skit" at Magic Kingdom. Probably not a high priority on your boys list to go to. I think it was the highlight of our whole Disney trip. She still talks about it.

Amy James said...

awesome, truely amazing. I learn something new about you everyday! :)

Sarah said...

I always knew you had hidden acrobatic skills. You have to be my coolest friend.