Saturday, October 25, 2008


Last night we had a Chino/Loibner sleepover at our house.
I'm not sure if Wilson loves anything as much as his cousins (the love also extends to the 5 cousins not present.) This smile was on his face all night.
We played, ate dinner, played Mario Cart, watched a movie, a read lots of stories.

The little guys had no trouble keeping up. Campbell was even convinced that he won the video game. He was watching the wrong player.

Campbell and Simon share a love for the same brown stuffed dog, Doggie. Between the two of them there were 4 Doggies at the sleepover.
It was big fun for all.
  • Simon snuggling with all the Doggies
  • Snuggling with Simon
  • Realizing that Cole had Guns & Roses on his MP3 player- this was a bonding moment
  • Watching MP craft
  • Wilson's smile
  • How well Wilson and Ben play
  • All the kiddos cuddled on the couch
  • All the kiddos lined up in sleeping bags-that Simon is such a big boy
  • When the last child went to sleep

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berit said...

precious doesn't even begin to describe...G&R, how cool is that?