Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yesterday was a rainy day. On a Saturday this means that we are probably going to hang out inside and make a mess. So after we went to the strawberry patch we headed home to work on that with a little help from our loveys, Simon and Ben.
These guys play together so well and always have fun. They colored, made houses, pulled out the legos, played hide and seek, laughed, and had a little jumping competition. I was lucky enough to catch some of that. I love the way the sun coming in the window behind them fades away their faces and you are left with the silhouettes. And it seemed only appropriate to do them in black and white on such a gray day.

I was really after a picture of all the feet off the ground.
We finally got it at the end.

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Whimsy World said...

I love the last picture. Great Playroom Poster!!!