Monday, April 6, 2009

fun filled weekend

Last Thursday Pete headed off to Castle Bluff for a men's retreat so my little men and I packed up and headed to Grand Jules. Thursday night we enjoyed a change of scenery and after a rainy afternoon we saw this beautiful rainbow.

On Friday night we were joined by the Alison and the Chino boys. It was a boys only sleepover. Julie had even made little pallets for the boys so they could all sleep in one room.

Unfortunately there was a pillow fight and the 2 C's got moved out, but it was definitely a night to remember.
On Saturday we were joined by MP and the guys returned from Castle Bluff. We all spent some time outside enjoying the great weather and taking some rides.

This was Simon's ride.

And this was the ride the other kids took.Campbell even sported his cool shades to match GrandPaPa.


berit_k said...

i love these pix, especially of grandPaPa on the bike with the kids- what wonderful memories for them to store away in their vast repertoire of life...

Alison Chino said...

so sweetie!

i LOVE the eggs on your header! so pretty!