Wednesday, August 5, 2009

loose teeth and kidney stones

About a month ago we discovered that Wilson had his first loose tooth. He took a big bite of corn on the cob and told me it felt funny, there it little guy was going to lose a tooth. Being fairly unaware of just how loose teeth get before they come out I have been convinced that the tooth was coming out any day. I even took our very cool tooth pirate with us last week on our camping trip, MP got to use it.

Then on Sunday morning I discovered that the tooth had reached a new level of loose. It was barely hanging on. So when Pete got home from work I put him on the job.

He tied a string to the tooth and he and Wilson took turns wiggling it.

It took some convincing, but eventually Wilson let him give it a pull and out it came!

I went to sleep Sunday night so excited for my little guy, who is actually turning into a big guy. Excited to see the the look on that sweet face when he got his $2 from the tooth pirate. I was instead awakened by one of my other guys, the biggest one, who was in some serious pain. Kidney Stones! We are far more familiar with these than with loose teeth because this is Pete's 7th in the last 10 years. We prayed thanks that this had not happened on the camp trip, we had only been home 1 day, and headed to the ER.

Pete was admitted to the hospital, given serious pain meds and here is the stone he has to show for it (only half of the original-that was laser blasted).

Wilson got to share his tooth pirate moment with Craig and Julie, who were sweet enough to head over to our house at 3:30 am to sit with the boys. The boys then headed to Hot Springs while Pete was on the mend. And yesterday (that's two days later folks) he lost his 2nd tooth!
He looks SO cute!!!
Pete is cute too! And is on the road to recovery.

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Amy James said...

wilson does look mighty cute with his 2 teeth missing. I can't get over the fact that he is getting so big!!!